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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The sun is now travelling through the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, the sign of the centaur, that strange creature who always wants to be somewhere where they are not. Just like the arrow flying from its bow and shot by the centaur, into the air to far distant horizons to land in some far off place we know not where. So the Saggi person always seems to be running and aiming into some unseen and unknown distant or future point; sometimes on the back of a horse, sometimes on the back of a motorbike, sometimes out on the playing field.

 Sagittarian people are generous and full of fiery energy; that sort of energy that needs constant circulation through plenty of physical activity. Thus driven, their main aim in life is to explore the hills and valleys of life, the oceans and the spaces, either physically or in the mental world. Some are deep thinkers and philosophers; others are rather more concerned about how other people are thinking, or about how to spin them a good yarn for amusement.

Rodin’s ‘Thinker’ 

The planet associated with the sign of Sagittarius is Jupiter, that gas giant of the solar system. This should be a hint to the Saggi that they too can expand to too great a size if they are without a little self-discipline and reflection. After all this is the sign of the philosopher and it is wisdom the world needs not over expansive verbalism. It is too easy for Jupiter’s children to spread their energies over too great a distance or to chatter incessantly. Contrast this with the other extreme of expression found in Capricorn who tends to get overly self-disciplined under the influence of Saturn.

Saggi’s gift for words means that they need to transform their wide and deep knowledge into silent wisdom that can contribute to the expansion or growth of other people. Mansions of the Soul might be of interest to you wise ones.

 Orveille Duomo, Italy, showing icons of the four fixed zodiac signs on its facade

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